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afternoon tea cup

Nice Finds for BJD

I just want to share some "nice finds". Nice finds meaning, things and stuff that we can use/in BJD-scale that we can just find locally on the mall, thrift shop, novelty shops, bargains shops, souvenir shops, bazaar, etc.
It would be nice to buy things that can pass as BJD stuff without the hassle of buying and importing them from online shops.

I'm going to rummage my stuff and find some but for now I'll just share this photo taken recently, found them at Claire's, these are some sort of phone storage cases but they can pass as BJD SD bags. Quality is good with workable pockets and zippers but they're quite expensive as you cans see from one of the tag.

Will try to compile all of them here, this can be a good source for birthday gifting and secret santas!
Well till next update!

afternoon tea cup

CakeHouse Stories Soon...

Sorry for the lack of updates here in my Livejournal page, I've been busy with school and other life stuff.
I haven't been active in the hobby yet again I'm happy that I'm starting to work on some future project which is the "CakeHouse Stories".
It would be my serialized BJD photostories. I'm currently on the planning and conceptualizing phase though I must admit I'm really excited.
Hence, I made an anime-like poster or banner for it. Details would be released soon. So let's stay in touch! :)

(I cannot upload the full resolution of the pic without it being distorted so a small pic for now)
cake house anime crew banner 1
rosy life

Hyuna Cover: Utada Hikaru's First Love

Well Hyuna is more than a doll, she is a character of mine. One special thing about her is that she sings. Hence, I gave her a voice to bring her more to life.
And so Hyuna made another lovely cover (this is her 2nd recorded song), this time it's my all-time-favorite song of Utada Hikaru's "First Love". This is a very beautiful song, this is special to me and to Hyuna as she is reminiscing her memories of her "first love".
P.S. Yes, it's a super late Valentine thing! I'm sorry, I blame school! XD
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afternoon tea cup

Angelcake Creations: Mallow Creams and Midnight Songbird

I love long weekends! Through them that I can de-stress and detoxify my self from all the law schol sh*ts. Ahaha.
This week I made two set of clothes for Hyuna and Cuddles.
I named them "Midnight Songbird" & "Mallow Creams", respectively.

Well, it was so spontaneous, I had to laugh! As in no prior planning was done.
One Friday morning, I opened my 200g marshmallow snack pack, munched on them and just suddenly it came to me to make something for Cuddles. And then there, I randomly picked some fabric scraps and laces and started sewing everything. 
Ta-dah! And I create CUTE! I was so contended with it. :)))))

So yummy! I think I'm hungry again...

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field mascot

[meme] BJD Face Cast

     My dear friend (kickasskass), challenged us with a BJD meme called "Face Cast". In this meme, were are to cast our dolls and select their human counterparts. Everyone's picks were interesting and pretty accurate. Some of us find it hard since it's really difficult with all those peculiarities and specific features each of our dolls have. Anyway, I want to share mine. I don't know if it was accurate or if what I chose justified the dolls or vice versa. But one thing is for sure, is that I had fun! :))))

And oh by the way, I edited some of their features just for my dollie character references, just like hair color, eye color, etc. 

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colorful balloons

Angelcake Creations: Magical Candy Bunny Boo

I was happy that midterms was over, and I was able to make another BJD project this weekend. 
I made another uber cute outfit for Mystea, the concept for this is candies & bunnies!
This is quite simple than those that I had made before but I liked it just as much.
It's been always for Mystea, you can sense my seasonal favoritism here, I regret nothing! Haha.
I shall try to make for the others too or downsize some designs to Lati Yellow sizes. We'll see. :)

Photos of the whole outfit:

&hearts Thanks lovelies
&hearts Have a nice day

Disclaimer: This is not for sale, thank you